Who Am I?

It took me 23 years to identify my passion in life, having experienced corporate and non-profit industries. My roles included recruiting, management, customer services, business development, academic advising, and training. I tell clients regularly that careers shift and weave, primarily to help us identify what our “ideal position” is. This was definitely true for me.

Through these experiences, I came to the realization that my ultimate career goal is to help organizations and individuals focus on being successful, energized by those activities that excite them the most. My approach is strategic, focusing on the positives and natural talents of my clients. Together, we focus on increased performance. The process is:

  1. Clarify client needs (Destination – “Plan A”)
  2. Create plan for how to get client there (Road Map)
  3. Check progress (Milestones)
  4. Make necessary corrections (Course Adjustments)
  5. Celebrate success (Appreciate Progress Made) which can be big or small

You get the best of me when I am with people, meeting people, connecting people, listening to people, speaking with people, developing people, with the primary objective to ensure that everyone can see their unique stories and strategize about what their next chapter looks like.

You can count on me to make you feel good on a rainy day, remind you of the positives you bring, create a fun and entertaining learning experience through training, and how you to use those unique talents to identify the right fit in career coaching sessions.

What you need to know is that my actions are genuine, passionate about the development of others, both personally and professionally.

An alumna of Colorado State University, Melissa graduated in 1992 with a Bachelor of Science in Psychology. She later received her graduate degree in Education (MS. Ed.) from Texas A&M University and recently completed her Global Career Development Facilitator (GCDF) certification in March 2016, and is also certified as a Gallup Strengths coach and in the Myers Briggs Type Indicator. When not helping clients with their career development and training needs, one can find Melissa in the gym with her team preparing for the next powerlifting competition.

Advancing organizations and individuals both professionally and personally

Melissa is a fantastic teacher and understands how to connect and teach many people at one time. I took five different courses from her and each time she was able to manage different personalities and learning styles to help everyone involved understand the concepts and how to apply them into their respective positions. She took the time to meet with me individually to help me understand my strengths and talents and how I can use them better in my work environment. I recommend her to anyone who is looking to improve their strengths and talents both personally and professionally.

Jared Houghton

Commercial Lender, Bank of Colorado

Our firm engaged Melissa to conduct training for our entire team. She did a masterful job of understanding our business and ensuring the content was relevant, meaningful, and applicable to our environment. Additionally, Melissa was engaged to lead corporate restructuring analysis and provide recommendations, lead strategic planning meetings for our executive management team, and she created structure for existing processes along with leading the implementation of changes to processes. Her approach is welcoming, collaborative, and supportive. Melissa introduces fresh ideas in a non-threatening, humble manner.

Andrea Harman

Director of Operations, Stinnett & Associates

Melissa's training was excellent. Her training and presentation skills are fantastic and she kept the entire group focused and having fun. Any time a trainer can keep a group's focus and attention (not to mention laughing) for a long day, you know they are special. Melissa was great and I'd attend more of her training sessions.

Chris Horn

Director, Channels and Marketing, Kroll Factual Data