Melissa has developed a Leadership Program for Bank of Colorado based on our needs and goals. She has been very helpful in determining the tools needed to provide our employees the opportunities that allow them to grow and develop professionally. Melissa is professional, accessible, and very well liked and respected by our employees. I would totally recommend her for your training needs. On February 8, 2016

Mary Diedrich

Director of Training, Bank of Colorado

Nicole Walters

Branch President , Bank of Colorado

Chris Horn

Director, Channels and Marketing , Kroll Factual Data


When the company I worked for the past 14 years was acquired I really felt that I no longer had a firm handle on how best to tackle my job search. I was seeking a frame of reference and someone who could assess me and provide guidance, critical feedback and advice on my professional persona.

After numerous discussions with career coaches, I engaged Strategic Advancement LLC and Melissa Luna to provide me with that assessment. Melissa was very engaged and took the time to understand my background and career aspirations providing optimization of my resume and LinkedIn profile. Additionally, Strategic Advancement LLC assessed my interpersonal skills and provided feedback on my interviewing style. Prior to key interviews, Melissa helped coach me through the process.

I ascribe my career search success to Strategic Advancement LLC and Melissa. If the time comes again and I need career coaching without hesitation I will re-engage Strategic.

Jim K.

February 2, 2016

Melissa is a coaching superstar! When the start-up I worked at unfortunately closed, Melissa helped me whip my resume and LinkedIn profile into fighting shape. She patiently worked with me to ascertain my needs, and was very accessible during a stressful time. If you are considering working with Melissa, just do it – you’ll be glad you did!

Kristin Zumwalt

Office Management , Business Research

I have worked with Melissa on several different occasions to help with my resume, LinkedIn Profile, and career coaching. She is very knowledgeable, and helpful in my quest for what I want to do when I grow up. We worked through several different angles on what types of opportunities would be a good “fit” for me and what type of environment I would thrive in. I have recommended Melissa to friends and family, those who have utilized her expertise would tell you the same thing. Great person to work with a great personality and spirit! If you are in need of these types of services, you need to give her a call.

Dale S. Myska

Helping High Tech Companies of all Sizes Grow


Melissa Luna spoke with our Rotary club recently about employment trends with millennials and how to create an inclusive and attractive culture.  Beyond Melissa’s knowledge on this topic, which is significant, what struck our members most was her genuine passion for her work.  She truly loves what she does and it was on full display during her informative and humorous presentation.  Our audience was engaged and had a ton of questions for her following her talk.  We hope to have her back again soon!

Jesse Jorgensen

President, Mountain View Rotary

My experience with Melissa Luna was at the Rocky Mountain Future Leaders Conference in March of 2016. Melissa’s drive and passion behind bringing multi-generation employees and employers together really shines throughout her presentation. She is engaging, relatable, passionate and most importantly informative.  I thoroughly enjoyed her presentation, and would absolutely attend another speaking engagement of hers.

Cheryl Schroeder

Business Development

Melissa Luna, Career Coach & Organizational Trainer and founder of Strategic Advancement, LLC spoke at our Rocky Mountain Future Leaders Conference. Conference attendees truly enjoyed listening to Luna. Her ability to not only explain important workforce trends but how they directly apply to us all both professional and personally was extremely helpful when identifying ways to approach relationships, tasks and ways to improve as professionals! Special thank you to Luna for coming and presenting to us all at the conference. It was a great success!

Stephanie M.

April 18, 2016