A coach is a person who invests in and interacts with an individual, partnership, or team for the primary purpose of stimulating, motivating, and facilitating the growth, development, and performance of that individual, partnership, or team.

“My goal is to positively impact the lives of clients by being open-minded and listening well, allowing them to grow and develop unhindered” – Melissa Luna

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Self Confidence

Bringing in a coach, increases retention by approximately 60% and revenue growth by 63%. It also increases employees work performance by 70% and self-confidence by 80%.
Source:  International Coach Federation, 2016.

Key Expertise: 

• Strengths-based coaching for team members, managers and executive level     professionals
• Engagement strategies addressing recruitment and retention
• Addressing multi-generational dynamics within the workplace
• Professional Leadership Career Profile
• Individual Career Coaching

Business Client Promise:

I promise to create value for your organization. Our process together will be positive and fun. We will collaborate and define the next steps for your organization that will excite and promote growth within your team. I will keep conversations confidential. I will be honest, stay present and live in the moment. I will problem-solve and respond to your talent engagement needs from recruitment to succession planning – Melissa Luna


Strengths-based coaching for team members, managers and executive level professionals:

The key to success is fully understanding how to apply your greatest talents in your daily life, while also creating complimentary partnerships by allowing others to use their strengths. I enjoy helping you find ways to direct your own individual strengths, while creating complimentary partnership with your team member’s strengths. Here is why: Organizations that support having their people focus on using their strengths have found they are three times more likely to report having an excellent quality of life, along with being six times more likely to be fully engaged in their jobs. People working in their strengths look forward to going to work, have more positive interactions with colleagues, treat customers better, refer more friends to the company, achieve more daily, and have more innovative/creative moments. “People are not made with cookie cutters. We are different. And when you begin to recognize that, then your whole world is different because you have to think about how you engineer things to the talents of a person” – Donald O. Clifton, psychologist and business executive. The manager sets the tone for work environment, setting expectations and motivating team members to work more diligently and collaboratively. If the relations with the manager is fractured, this will negatively impact performance. Managers could find great value in having an external coach to talk through how each relationship is different and may have unique expectations, help identify strategies to juggle responsibilities, and identify strategies to best engage their team, clients, and upper managers.

Engagement strategies addressing recruitment and retention:

Having a strong recruitment background, I can appreciate how technology and generational needs impact the recruitment process for organizations. It is not enough to just post positions on websites and attend career fairs. In order to compete for top talent, you will need to ensure that recruitment strategies are current. I helped create recruitment plans for various industries including, but not limited to technology, manufacturing, consulting, accounting and audit firms, retail, and construction. With baby boomers beginning to leave the workforce, you may need someone with a strong background working with Generation X and Millennials. That is me!

Every organization should put employee retention as a top priority. You can cultivate a positive workplace, thus increasing retention by developing engaging new hire orientation programs, incorporate mentoring and coaching, further define your on-boarding processes, and create a robust talent develop program. Companies with engaged employees have a 15% lower turnover rate. In addition, 95% of employers believe training can improve retention, help avoid hefty recruitment costs, and reduce sick days. Strong retention strategies ultimately save organizations on their bottom line. So what is it worth to you? 

Addressing multi-generational dynamics within the workplace:

For the first time in the workplace, there are three (and sometimes four) generations trying to work together. By 2026, 75% of the workforce will be millennials. Organizations need to recognize how these generations are different, along with creating strategies to help the various generations be more engaged with one another. Understanding about the generational differences, identifying ways they can complement each other, and creating strategies so talent are more engaged in the workplace is essential for organizations. Making sense of these differences and strengths and how generational dynamics playout in the workplace is an area I can help support.

Professional Leadership Career Profile:

Every professional brings individual aptitudes, working and communication styles and motivators.  With my own set of tools, I help professionals identify and communicate these to help organizations leverage strengths, improve communications, optimize productivity and motivation, while also giving management the information they need to individualize the support they give to each team member.

Co-branded profiles include details on team member’s Meyer’s Briggs, Strengths, Motivators and Communication Tips.  Click here for sample report. {Link to report}{Insert image of Professional Leadership Profile }



Career Coaching Client Promise:

I promise to stay present and live in your moment, not to be distracted while being honest and trustworthy.  I promise to keep you engaged, motivating you into action.  I will keep conversations confidential.  The process will be positive and fun, igniting your enthusiasm around those activities that energize you.  By the end of our time together, we will have collaborated to define your next steps. – Melissa Luna

Advancing organizations and individuals both professionally and personally

I have worked with Melissa on several different occasions to help with my resume, LinkedIn Profile, and career coaching. She is very knowledgeable, and helpful in my quest for what I want to do when I grow up. We worked through several different angles on what types of opportunities would be a good “fit” for me and what type of environment I would thrive in. I have recommended Melissa to friends and family, those who have utilized her expertise would tell you the same thing. Great person to work with a great personality and spirit! If you are in need of these types of services, you need to give her a call.

Dale S. Myska

Helping High Tech Companies of all Sizes Grow

Melissa provides excellent career assessment and job skill evaluations. Her approach generates the foundation and goal setting to create the tools required to market yourself. Her honest, no nonsense review of a person’s skills and experience is a great mid-career task everyone should consider

Jay R Schimpf

Project Manager, Morning Star Builders LTD

Melissa’s expertise and LI optimization boosted my profile hits dramatically. Highly recommend if you value appearing at the top of search results for your field.

Daniel Paden

District Leader, Primerica

I first saw Melissa’s expertise in career development through a close friends recommendation. Since then, Melissa has provided results that I would have never expected in such a short period of time . Melissa was able to clearly translate my career experience and skills in a way that engaged the viewer to want to know more about me. She delivered different viewpoints that I would not have otherwise thought of. Melissa is not just an expert in resume writing and LinkedIn, she is a gifted career coach. Hiring Melissa was the best career decision I could have made

Aaron Webb

Senior Account Executive, Denovo