Professional Bio

Melissa Luna has over 15 years of experience strategically advancing organizations and individuals with customized targeted support.

With organizations, Melissa’s expertise is with people engagement through consulting, training, coaching, and speaking on current and relevant recruitment and retention topics that range from the future of talent development programs, appreciating the multi-generational workplace, creating successful recruitment strategies, utilizing LinkedIn, and engaging team members to increase retention.

Luna is an innovative problem-solver and often referred to as an engagement strategist.  Recently she developed a leadership development program, along with a leadership profile tool for performance evaluation and advancement purposes. She consults with companies on campus engagement strategies, developing mentorship programs, and building internships including leadership development programs.

Luna’s wide range of clients represent various industries, such as accounting, banking, beverage distribution, construction, education, non-profits and retail.

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In addition to her work with organizations, Melissa Luna is a seasoned career coach with individual professionals and young people.  Her expertise is in supporting professionals looking for promotional opportunities or who are experiencing a transition.  Areas of emphasis include training on social media tools such as LinkedIn and helping clients strategize and market themselves through understanding their strengths, skills, and values.

With youth, she believes that providing select career development tools and training programs is crucial to engage our younger generations. Melissa works with youth on recognizing their individual strengths, helping them improve their communication skills, and identifying their career/academic interests.  This includes helping young people understand how to conduct a college or job search, as well as develop their job or college applications, on-line presence, cover letters and resumes.

In addition, Luna teaches young people professional etiquette, how to become more civically engaged in their communities, and how to develop essential (soft) skills that might not be attained in academic environments.

Overall, Melissa is passionate about professional development and assisting organizations and individuals reach their goals.  She enjoys her time training and coaching clients, and loves speaking to small or large audiences.

When not helping clients, you can find Melissa in the gym with her team preparing for the next powerlifting competition.

Training and Education

Melissa Luna holds certifications as a Global Career Development Facilitator (GCDF), a Gallup Strength Coach and in Myers Briggs Administrator.  She has a graduate degree in Education (MS. Ed) from Texas A &M University and is an alumna of Colorado State University where she earned her Bachelor of Science in Psychology.


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A personal note:

It took me 23 years to identify my passion in life, having experienced corporate and non-profit industries. My roles included recruiting, management, customer services, business development, academic advising, and training. I tell clients regularly that careers shift and weave, primarily to help us identify what our “ideal position” is. This was definitely true for me.

Through these experiences, I came to the realization that my ultimate career goal is to help organizations and individuals focus on being successful, energized by those activities that excite them the most. My approach is strategic, focusing on the positives and natural talents of my clients. Together, we focus on increased performance. The process is:

  1. Clarify client needs (Destination – “Plan A”)
  2. Create plan for how to get client there (Road Map)
  3. Check progress (Milestones)
  4. Make necessary corrections (Course Adjustments)
  5. Celebrate success (Appreciate Progress Made) which can be big or small

You get the best of me when I am with people, meeting people, connecting people, listening to people, speaking with people, developing people, with the primary objective to ensure that everyone can see their unique stories and strategize about what their next chapter looks like.

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You can count on me to make you feel good on a rainy day, remind you of the positives you bring, create a fun and entertaining learning experience through training, and how you to use those unique talents to identify the right fit in career coaching sessions – Melissa Luna